Return of the raft

We could have organised a catch-up with our IFS consultants in a café, office, or on a video call.

But why do that when you can challenge them to a raft-building contest at a Peak District reservoir!

We had to swallow our pride when their squad mercilessly left team Gtech Consultancy + Change8 and the other challengers in their wake, paddling to victory through the wind and rain.

A big well done to Caroline CapperJulie F.Andrew Twiggs and their fellow teammates Anthony AckersColette Warbrook and Simon Warbrook.

We were also impressed with the raft-building skills of Basecamp | Formerly The Fearless Academy Daniel Astley DipPFS Cert Cii (MP), who also joined us for the Unplugged event.

And thank you to Lost Earth Adventures for giving us the (sometimes silly) ‘on-the-water’ challenges (who knew climbing back onto a raft could be so tricky!).

We finished with a ‘debrief’ in the pub, where we dissected our performance over a pint and a burger, while Molly (the dog from 2 doors down) tried to persuade us to part with our chips!

So, when’s the rematch?

P.S. If you missed this Unplugged event, don’t despair as we have more events planned. Follow Unplugged to find out more!